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Now you can take your training on the road! Anywhere, any time you have a few moments to spare you can jump to the lesson you want to learn or practice and follow along on your 10-hole harmonica in the Key of A.

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The Harmonica SuperTutor™ consists of approximately 72 minutes of audio instruction with on-screen written instructions and easy to understand diagrams so you can follow along. It also includes 12 minutes of solid blues backup music that you can jam along with. The program covers care and maintenance of your harp, proper breathing, single note bends, chords, octaves, trills, trains, blues scale, phrasing, 12-bar blues structure, and much more. This is good, solid training for anyone who would like to learn. You will need a harmonica to play along and practice.

You will need a Major Diatonic 10-hole harmonica in the Key of A.

In this course, the emphasis is on using the techniques that emerged from the Blues. We won’t be learning to read music, we’ll learn to play music.

We will be playing in 2nd position which emphasizes sounds made on the in-breath. Often referred to as Cross Harp, this plays in a draw scale. Basically, it plays in a different key than the harmonica was designed to play.

So we’ll be playing a “blues” scale that goes just right with a guitar playing a standard 12-bar blues tune. And we’ll be doing it in the cross-harp style! So, get going and stay with it and learn to play.


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Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.