MusicTrans App

MusicTrans App

MusicTrans is great for musicians who are interested in the notes from any music track. You import music files into the app for analysis. MusicTrans can decode the notes real-time. You’ll see notes above a piano keyboard. It’s ideal for acoustic tracks without voice if seeking notes, however, the app offers features to simulate instrumentals only for capturing notes. These are found in the bottom center row of icons.

Voice Removal

The microphone icon is the Voice Removal feature. Although it does not completely strip voices out it does drown out the vocals some while mostly keeping the instrumental intact. This is an attempt to capture better sounding notes. The center icon invokes audio channel panning or isolate to mono. The last icon opens the Equalizer- thus you can tweak each frequency or opt to select from more than half dozen presets. Each setting affects the sound thus affecting notes.

Other ancillary features include a looping capture if you want to concentrate in a certain section. Additionally, you can increase the tempo up to 125% or slow down to 25% without losing much pitch. Although the app has some nifty features geared primarily towards musicians seeking notes from songs I found that for the price it could have included a broader scope of features. For instance, it would be nice to get an export text file of the notes. It seems at the moment you would have to manually translate them if you desire them written down. I would have also liked the voice removal tool to do a better job of zapping voice.

If you’re a musician seeking to gather notes from any song or section of a song then this may be a promising tool to help gathering the notes. Though for the expensive price I would have expected more robust features and some that make capturing notes easier. It’s ideal for a niche group of folks to decide and download accordingly.

Download and install the MusicTrans app from Google Play.